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 Moderators And Ranks

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Ranko Saotome
Ranko Saotome
Ranko Saotome
Ranko Saotome

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PostSubject: Moderators And Ranks   Sat May 26, 2012 12:26 pm

Hello fellow Anime Kingdom members,I will tell you the rules about being a moderator and ranks!

I would need a few RP moderators and admins for help when im be a moderator you must be a member of the Anime Kingdom for more than a week and submit a mini forum.moderators will not be a RP.RP if for admins only.

~RP Admins~
To be a RP Admin you must be a member of the Anime Kingdom for than a Month and be active in the will have to fill out a forum then send it to me.I will inbox you soon as i can if you going to be a RP admin or not.

~moderator/RP admin Ranks ~
Moderators and will get there own special anime rank .

~User Ranks~
Anime fan: 0 post

Anime Addict: 500 post

Otaku: 1000 post

The rank will be change later
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Moderators And Ranks
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