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 Role-playing rules

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Ranko Saotome
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PostSubject: Role-playing rules   Role-playing rules Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 9:02 pm

Reminder There are some rules when it comes to role playing or a.k.a RP.
when RP please don't post any comments that can offend anybody in any way.
later we will have a huge group RP so that everybody get to join .

.Each RP can last for three months and four for extra time.You will have to sign up in the RP sign up forum and get approved by an Admin or Moderator first then when every thing ready you may start the role-play .

When role playing make sure your post are detailed enough for the person who reading it could understand and picture the scene like this :

~ role playing sample I did before~
Sailor Lunar:she wakes up to a black nothingness,she looked around trying to figure out where she is.its freezing she thought.she wounder what happen,how did she get here.but most of all she wanted to know what was her name.for hours she tried to remembered but she only remember the word "moon princess".she wonder what that meant.she knew that there couldn't be such a thing as a moon princess.she began to walk .she was wearing a purple and black sailor collar and her skirt was pure black .With black ribbon in her long curly hair.And she was holding a blueish black rod that she held in her hands. She walk in the north west direction where high chilly winds were coming from.she was worried about what will be ahead.She seen a faint came closer and closer.She walk straight into it then disapperd with out a trace.

This is the forum you will need to fill out to apply to role-play an character.Otkau and cannon characters are allowed!

In the topic of you character app make sure you post "OC" for Otaku Character and "Cannon" for a Character.

Make sure you make a tread in the role-play sign up fourm,To turn in the application to the character sign up forum,NOT HERE!!

User name:
character Applying for:
Race(such as human,Vampire,neko,ect):
Strong points:
Friend or foe?:
Appearance(detail as much as you can ):
~~~~~~ Attacks and Powers~~~~~~
Main source of power:
Attacks:(if its an otaku give full detail)
Strongest attack:
Power level (low,Medium,or high):

((Edit: you may make your own skellys))
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Role-playing rules
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