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Ranko Saotome
Ranko Saotome
Ranko Saotome
Ranko Saotome

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PostSubject: Site Guidelines    Site Guidelines  Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 8:56 pm

This forum is PG13+ so please keep the cussing is allowed but to a minimum.
Its go to say f*** and d*** but if we get to many complaints, you will get
banned for 30 days for the first time.


.Please don't make your user names as any character from sailor moon. Only
RP admins can have sailor moon characters names, but you can have a name like princess,sailor , etc.
user name changes only apply if you have a sailor moon name.inbox one of the Admins to change your name.
If you do not change your username, one of the admins will change it to a letter or number!
EX: XYZ or 476

.I know a lot of people love writing Fanfics and original stories.But before you start writing to your heart contents there are some rules you need to follow so that the SM will run properly.the rule not going to be strict and its going to be super short for now until i can get every thing done for the site(im not to big on writing for a long time).

~Artist Work Shop~
all work must be PG13(no nudity will not be allowed).

Please do not steal any ones artwork/ideals if you you will be banned forever.

please no making fun of other people's work. They worked hard to create that.

And please only upload manga,anime,still life,computer, video game art because I don't want to lose the site main concept

-Writers Ally-
please keep Fanfics PG13 this is a site for all ages.

DO NOT plagiarize/steal other stories!

Keep cursing low

please you correct spelling and speech

don't have anything offence to anyone in it

There are some rules when it comes to role playing or a.k.a RP.
when RPing please don't post any comments that can offend anybody in any way.
later, we will have a huge group RP so that everybody can get to join.

please treat every body with respect

Please don't advertising your websites on your signature, there is a button in you profile to advisement

Please don't make more than one account due to spamming.

To be a moderator please inbox a moderator or contact me.
Sincerely site founder,
Ranko Saotome
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Site Guidelines
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